Why ora et labora?


Ethical Reasons

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Social Fabric is woven in the indigenous tradition, allowing Guatemalan weavers to preserve their heritage trade. Read more about the production process here.



Made with fabric that means something. The handwoven cloth includes a manufactured strand of fiberglass, signifying the connection between God and humans. Each aspect of Ora et Labora's work is meant to dignify the worker and exemplify the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

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Our cotton makes it naturally pest-resistant, so the farmers use fewer pesticides in production.  We prioritize eco-friendly materials at all stages of fabrication.

Practical Reasons


Machine Washable

We know you are busy, so the dry cleaner's is probably not your top priority. Ora et Labora's garments are machine washable to save you time and money.



Made-to-measure means that you will get a garment that fits you perfectly. Learn more about customization options here.



We know churches can get hot. Our Social Fabric™ is 100% cotton, so unlike traditional clerical garments (which contain polyester blends), our fabric breathes with movement.  

Financial Reasons

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Our garments are made to last. Father Andrew is still wearing many of the first garments he produced in 2004, like the jacket above.


Fair Trade

We believe that it is essential to pay our workers a fair-living wage. By purchasing one of our items, you will help to support families in Guatemala and in New York.



Our workshop is located in the rectory of St. Mary Grand in Manhattan. We employ parishioners to give them a sense of place in the parish.